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I love seeing the beauty of sunlight on the window.   I hear the chirping of birds and the gentle whisper of wind outside.  This is what I always wanted; to wake and witness the beauty of the morning.  I am happy and contented while sipping a cup of coffee while thinking what I will do for the rest of the day.   This is going to be a great weekend.

I cherish moments like this.  I used to take it for granted but lately, I long to experience this again.  I miss my farm girl life.  With the place that I live right now, I can’t seem to relax and think better because instead of seeing endless greenery, all there is for me are endless concrete and loud honking jeepneys. There is no fresh air to breathe which makes the situation worse.  I wish I am still in our farm, sleeping under a tree and enjoying its shade like I used to do when I was young.  Well, anyway this is still a beautiful morning for me.  I am pleased to spend quality bonding time with my family.

I hope you are also having a beautiful morning guys.   I will play Farm town for an hour before I go.  My farm needs harvesting now.  I have to hire harvesters before my crops withered.  Be back in a little while.   Start the morning right with a healthy breakfast like I do.  Good morning everyone.