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Second gate of  Notre Dame University

Second gate
Front gate of Notre Dame University

Here comes the month of June, rainy season once again.   Due to the incessant rain every night, half of our small city is flooding.  Last Monday was supposed to be the start of our classes but then even the university is also covered with water.  This morning as I looked over the terrace of the place where I am staying, I could see the water starting to build up and covering our street.  Another night of raining and I am sure, our street will look like a river.  This is a lot worse than the previous year.  I think I am going to school in my slippers and riding a boat instead of the usual transportation. We have our own version of Waterworld.

The buildup of water hyacinth coming from neighboring marshy places in the Rio Grande de Mindanao is the biggest factor to this heavy flooding.  Last Saturday while traversing the Quirino Bridge going out of the city, I saw the swelling (more or less 10 hectare) island of water hyacinth in the middle of the river.  I wanted to take pictures but forgot to bring my camera.

The thought of walking in the murky waters give me the shivers.  What if there are snakes? Can I just die first before seeing a snake swimming towards me?  No way, this rain has to stop!

Photos courtesy of Lhengkits