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If you have a new product that you want to introduce to the market, what would you do?  Yes, resort to the powerful multi-media tool called advertising.  Be it in radio, print, billboards or anything you can think of that would make the market aware of the product.

These days, there are various forms of advertisement that were inexistent in the past.  When I was a child, the advertisement I was familiar with are only in radio, television, newspapers and magazines.  Over the years as technology revolutionized, so is advertising.  Everywhere, you can see giant billboards promoting a certain product with their enticing visual.  It became more daring year after year with novel ideas.

In my business class in college, I was introduced to another strategy of advertising.  It is by way of giving freebies or other promotional items that are being distributed to customers for them to try and patronize a product.  It is also a form of free advertising.  In my previous job, which is a home improvement store, we reached out to customers by giving away useful items  like stickers, promotional mugs, towels, t-shirts, calendars, pens, notebooks, umbrellas and a lot more.  All these items have the business logo of the store.  So everytime the customer uses the item, he also advertises the store by showing to anyone the logo of our store that would enable them to know about its existence.  The company did not pay any cent but is able to advertise its business.

Advertisements keep on getting better and better with each advertising agency wanting to get ahead of the others.  This for sure is an assurance of a brighter future ahead of advertising as there would still be more marketing strategies would be unraveled.
My week started with something bad.  I woke up very early not because I want to but the incessant itchiness of my arms, neck and face. Then I felt it spreading on my back, legs and scalp.  I got up and look myself in the mirror, and there it was the rashes and the swelling of my face, arms and legs that confirmed it.  Welcome back allergy!

I really hate it!  It is like an unwelcome guest that keeps on coming back no matter how much I am disgusted of its presence.  Why in the world I have developed allergies on shrimps.  Does it have anything to do with aging?  I have allergy attack before but not as frequent as present.  When I was in college, I also developed an allergy with some foods especially eggs but I gradually grown immune to it.  I hope it would also be the same with sea foods.

Well, here I am still in my bed taking a rest after taking my medicine.  I am just grateful that it is not worse like the previous ones where I would have a fever and breath constriction like everything inside would not let me breath. I just noticed that the medicine is slow this time.  After an hour of taking an anti-allergy, I could still see and feel the swelling and itchiness.  I hope it would subside soon.  I want to go to work and to school ASAP!