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My week started with something bad.  I woke up very early not because I want to but the incessant itchiness of my arms, neck and face. Then I felt it spreading on my back, legs and scalp.  I got up and look myself in the mirror, and there it was the rashes and the swelling of my face, arms and legs that confirmed it.  Welcome back allergy!

I really hate it!  It is like an unwelcome guest that keeps on coming back no matter how much I am disgusted of its presence.  Why in the world I have developed allergies on shrimps.  Does it have anything to do with aging?  I have allergy attack before but not as frequent as present.  When I was in college, I also developed an allergy with some foods especially eggs but I gradually grown immune to it.  I hope it would also be the same with sea foods.

Well, here I am still in my bed taking a rest after taking my medicine.  I am just grateful that it is not worse like the previous ones where I would have a fever and breath constriction like everything inside would not let me breath. I just noticed that the medicine is slow this time.  After an hour of taking an anti-allergy, I could still see and feel the swelling and itchiness.  I hope it would subside soon.  I want to go to work and to school ASAP!