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Negotiable Instruments Law exam last night.  I was so mentally drained that I slept so soundly when I got home.  It is a very nice way to sleep than taking sleeping pills.  It worked for me. :)

I had Transportation Law exam earlier. Thanks God, no multiple questions to mess up my mind, only kilometric questions that made my right hand shake because of 1 1/2 hour of non-stop writing of answers.  I wish I am an ambidextrous. 

Four subjects down, three more to go.  Tomorrow is Land and Titles schedule.  So good luck to me again. And oh, I need more than that, I need blessings. :)
Midterm Examination week.....

It's very exhausting but I do not have a choice since I want to pass all my subjects.  Two down, five subjects more to go.  I will discuss next time the answer to my assignment in Criminal procedure.  Thanks to my ever loyal assistant, Google for helping me with my assignments and cases.

Gotta go, I still need to study in preparation for tomorrow night's exam.  


Our class in Criminal Procedure ended with my professor giving me an assignment about pleading guilty to a lesser offense; i.e. if it is allowed under the Rules on Criminal Procedure.  And I was thinking that our next class would be on Thursday but good thing my classmate reminded me that next meeting will be tomorrow.  With a lot of things in mind, I forgot about my class schedule.  Poor me! 

When I got home, I immediately opened my laptop and took my assignment seriously by doing some research before I embarrass myself in class tomorrow night and I can give my professor a satisfactory answer.   As always I consulted Mr. Google again.  Fortunately, I found what I was looking for.  I hope it is the answer to his question. 

I feel pressured especially that I am called to recite in class constantly,  sometimes depriving my classmates of their moment to shine.  This is embarrassing.  I do not want them to think that I am dominating the class.  I admit, I am not  brilliant but just an idiot of a student struggling to pass my subjects; however my professor have this penchant of always making me stand and answer his questions that sometimes I would be standing for the whole period.   

Fortunately, this is not true with my other subjects. For if it would be also what I have in Crim Pro, for sure, I won’t be sleeping 24/7.  Thanks God!

 Accidents nowadays are inevitable. Most common of which are auto accidents ranging from pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents,  and bicycle accidents. No matter how careful we are there are others who are not careful enough to avoid it. What if it really happens? It would be apparent that you would be out of work because of somebody's carelessness. No matter how big or small the injury was, the injured party should be properly compensated for it. In some cases, insurance companies tries to run away from their obligations posing circumstances that neglect the injured person's rights.

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