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Our class in Criminal Procedure ended with my professor giving me an assignment about pleading guilty to a lesser offense; i.e. if it is allowed under the Rules on Criminal Procedure.  And I was thinking that our next class would be on Thursday but good thing my classmate reminded me that next meeting will be tomorrow.  With a lot of things in mind, I forgot about my class schedule.  Poor me! 

When I got home, I immediately opened my laptop and took my assignment seriously by doing some research before I embarrass myself in class tomorrow night and I can give my professor a satisfactory answer.   As always I consulted Mr. Google again.  Fortunately, I found what I was looking for.  I hope it is the answer to his question. 

I feel pressured especially that I am called to recite in class constantly,  sometimes depriving my classmates of their moment to shine.  This is embarrassing.  I do not want them to think that I am dominating the class.  I admit, I am not  brilliant but just an idiot of a student struggling to pass my subjects; however my professor have this penchant of always making me stand and answer his questions that sometimes I would be standing for the whole period.   

Fortunately, this is not true with my other subjects. For if it would be also what I have in Crim Pro, for sure, I won’t be sleeping 24/7.  Thanks God!


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